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Great modern furniture stores are marked by elegance, style, and affordability. Whether it’s for your living room, dining room or bedroom, the furniture in your home says a lot about you as a person.

A Unique Furniture Choice

Buona Furniture is a furniture store that specializes in contemporary styles for every room in your condo, at prices you can afford. One word that comes up over and over again when customers talk about the Buona Difference is “unique”. When you step into one of our over-sized showrooms you will discover many designs and models that you didn’t know existed!

Furniture to Suit Your Tastes

And if for some reason you can’t find exactly what you want, ask about customizing. Buona Furniture enjoys a direct relationship with the furniture manufacturer, so flexibility and versatility are key parts of the process. We can customize according to size, shape, material or color. You will also notice frequent product updates to stay on top of all the latest furniture trends.

Basically, you won’t only be able to get your hands on the styles and models that have the whole GTA talking, but you can usually have them exactly as you want them.

Let Us Be Your Guide

Of course, it isn’t necessary to take this journey all on your own. Along with unique, high-quality furniture pieces, you’ll find exceptional customer service, so you’re never left to figure anything out by yourself if you don’t want to.

If you’re looking for a completely unique furniture-buying experience and are sick of what all the other furniture stores have to offer, Buona is the store for you. Don’t just buy new furniture, transform your condo. You’ll be glad you did.


Creating a beautiful space to call home can make all the difference in the world and has the potential to be truly life-changing. A home’s décor establishes an alluring ambiance, and therefore, taking the time and care to select furniture and accessories that complement and enhance your residence can also work to inspire comfort for yourself and your family.

Other furniture stores aspire to carry a selection as wide as Buona Furniture, and we’ve set a formidable standard in the industry. Our mission is, simply put, to provide unique furniture choices which suit your needs, an undertaking we approach with enthusiasm and proficiency.


Few styles on the market manage to combine warm and welcoming feelings with a stately opulence quite as well as classic furniture seems to. Often invoking the air of the 1800s, the more traditional European designs are overflowing with intricate craftsmanship, employing hand-carved wood and metalwork filigrees. Another heavily featured material is marble, further adding to the richness of the setting.

Each room is a new venture into the realm of lavishness, with bedrooms showcasing magnificent solid wood sets; featuring traditional poster beds, or popular sleigh bed styles, and employing regal fabrics on head boards for a plush refinement. In the living and dining rooms, sofas, accent chairs, ottomans, and coffee and dining tables display intricately hand-carved wood accents, and are beautifully stained with warm finishes, continuing the inviting influence throughout the home.


Opting to outfit your home with a more modern feel comes with several advantages, both aesthetically and efficiently. Our products are constantly being updated to include the newest in style and innovation.

A feature frequently utilized is the LED light, which has been incorporated into both living and bedroom furniture. Lining either the headboards or rails of bed frames can employ the lights as functional reading lights, or as ornamental illuminations. When added to the arms of sectional couches, they often serve as subtle decorative accents, muted by a chic frosted panel. Maintaining the aim for functionality, however, many of our modern sectionals boast built-in shelves for magazines or books, drawers or storage-bench styled seating, and adjustable headrests.

Modern styling is also dramatically fashion-forward, with unique designs for every room. Platform, throne-style, and floating-style beds are each amazing to behold in their own right. Sculptural bases and tinted or clear tempered glass table tops are show-stoppers in dining rooms. And our modular sofas and sectionals, with their extraordinary matching coffee tables, mustn’t be missed.

Regardless of whether you’ve chosen a timeless classic concept or a hip, modern motif, we know that details are not to be overlooked. This is why we’ve not forgotten to include a variety of extras and accessories, from accent chairs to art pieces; bar tables to office desks. And whether you choose to select your items from our Premium Collection – highlighting quality designs made in Canada, Italy, and Spain – or any of our other works, there’s always something here to inspire you.

Buona Furniture understands that every home is unique, and personal tastes are marvelously diverse, which is why so many of our products have countless customization options. With an extensive selection of diverse fabrics, wood, finishes, and sizing alternatives, if our existing products are unable to meet your needs, we develop the perfect solution to fit your home. In serving you, we eagerly strive to overcome any and all technical and aesthetic concerns, providing excellent customer service along the way – and easily showing up other top Toronto furniture stores in the process. At Buona Furniture, we pride ourselves on not only offering excellence but acting as the very definition of it.

Buona Furniture: The best Furniture Store in Toronto

The process of moving into an empty home or undergoing large-scale redecoration efforts can feel daunting and overwhelming. There’s a number of factors to consider, including but not limited to, cost, quality, style, and professional service. Spending countless hours trying to take care of everything yourself, or piecing together deals across multiple stores can prove tiresome and frustrating. You’re far better off utilizing the services of one, high-quality shop. Fortunately, one such store in Toronto does exist. Buona Furniture not only checks all the necessary boxes but exceeds expectations across the board. If you’re seeking the best modern furniture store, look no further. Here’s a review of their exceptional services that make them perfect for anyone looking to do minor or significant furniture buying.

Professional Expertise and Service

Most modern furniture stores specialize in one type of item or a specific space in the home. While they are able to provide quality expertise in one realm, you’ll find a disappointing lack of knowledge in other departments. Buona Furniture, on the other hand, boasts a team of experienced professionals that are capable of listening to your exact needs and turning them into a reality. Furthermore, they offer premium home staging performed by modern design specialists. Agents and developers will find the Buona design team both incredibly affordable and amazingly adept at turning any home into a stunning modern masterpiece.

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